Delivery and Catering

Need a customized birthday cake or wedding or anniversary cakes in Calgary? How about catering for your corporation’s annual meeting? If you’re anywhere in the downtown Calgary area, Amandine Bakery & Pastry will provide delivery for a small fee, as well as to more distant areas. We cater with a full-service menu including sandwiches, pastries, veggies, cheese and cold cuts. Call us to learn more.

Amandine Bakery and Pastry, Bringing Old World Charm with Our Delicious Cakes to Calgary

Thirty years ago in a small pastry shop located in Strasbourg, France, an employee came to adore the taste of a small, delicious tartlet by the name of “Amandine.” This employee became a bakery owner himself, naming his Calgary business Amandine Bakery & Pastry.

Through his European baking education in France, Germany and Switzerland, our owner combines the essence of Europe with the trendy tastes of North America. Amandine Bakery & Pastry has become an award-winning, world-class bakery -- both for our specialized service and for our mouth-watering creations for all occasions. Come taste the Old World!
403-276-3532 | #3, 2610 Centre St. N., Calgary, AB T2E 2V4